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Americans 7 Times More Likely to Be Killed by White Men than Extremists: CNN Expert

Source : | 22 June 2016 |  World | 479 views


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By Tatiana Flowers

Rabat – Last night, a contributor at CNN attacked Donald Trump’s vision for a ban that would profile and block Muslims from entering the United States. During an interview, Van Jones condemned Trump’s vision. “If Trump wants to profile Muslims for mass shootings, profile white men too.”

Jones’s comment comes after the deadliest shooting in American history, executed by Omar Mateen, an Afghan Muslim man who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State while on the phone with police during the shooting.

“I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. Other countries do it. You look at Israel and you look at others. They do it and they do it successfully. I hate the concept of profiling, but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads,” Trump said in an interview with CBS.

But Van does not agree.

“The vast majority of the people who are doing the mass shootings in America aren’t Muslims at all. You are seven times more likely to be killed by a right wing, white extremist. If a Christian shoots somebody, we don’t say a Christian shot them, but if a Muslim shoots somebody, we say a Muslim shot them. I think it’s starting to muddy the waters,” he said. See his full commentary here.

Van’s comments are supported by extensive media coverage and scientific studies that examine mass shooters, their race, and their political beliefs.

Research by The New America Foundation shows, right wing white men have executed more mass shootings in America than radicalized Muslims; however, many may think the opposite is true.

Perhaps this false information comes from the extensive media coverage that follows every mass shooting conducted by Muslims.  This misinformation could also stem from the fact that attacks carried out by Muslims are much larger-scale attacks, killing significantly more people. For clarity, The Washington Post created a map showing these disparities.

The blue circles represent mass killings operated by white men and the red, for Muslims. The size of the circle represents the volume of the attacks or the amount of people killed as a result of the shooting.

The aforementioned study by The New American Foundation shows the number of white man who have conducted mass shootings as those who identify as Muslim.

On many occasions, President Obama has urged Americans to refrain from blaming an entire religion for the rise of mass shootings. “Islam is not a part of the problem in combating violent extremism. It is an important part of promoting peace.”

According to the data available on the FBI official website, 94 percent of terrorist attacks on American soil since 1980 were perpetrated by non-Muslims. According to the same source, the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks were committed by Latinos or Jews.

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