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Morocco Expresses Full Support for Bahrain’s Measures to Preserve National Unity

Source : | 21 June 2016 |  News | 4441 views


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Rabat – The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its full support for the legal, administrative and security measures, recently adopted by the brotherly Kingdom of Bahrain to preserve its national unity, security and stability, said on Tuesday the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a statement.

The Kingdom of Morocco reiterates its support for the sincere efforts made by the Kingdom of Bahrain, under the leadership of King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, seeking to reinforce the bases for national dialogue, uphold democracy and promote stability and cohesion among the segments of the Bahraini people, said the statement.

Morocco emphasizes the right of Bahraini authorities to take appropriate measures to preserve its national unity as part of the principles of citizenship and peaceful coexistence, in conformity with the provisions of its national charter, constitutional immutable values and domestic laws in order to foster a responsible practice of individual and collective liberties in keeping with the rights and duties of citizenship, said the same source.

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