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Police Locate Spanish Woman Who Claimed She Was Held Hostage in Morocco 

Source : | 14 June 2016 |  News | 3014 views


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Tangier – The Tangier judiciary police, in coordination with the general directorate for territory surveillance, located on Monday the whereabouts of a Spanish woman aged 22 who had contacted, on Saturday by phone, her country’s consulate claiming that she is being held against her will.

The investigation showed that this woman was found at the house of a Moroccan family at the Béni Makada neighborhood in good health, said a statement by the national police (DGSN), adding that this woman confessed that she was neither assaulted, nor held in captivity.

She explained these allegations of captivity by the state of her mental health after a dispute with her Moroccan fiancé.

A probe was opened on this matter under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor.

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