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King Mohammed VI Spotted in Several Pictures with Moroccans in Paris

Source : | 5 March 2016 |  Headlines | 832 views


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Rabat – King Mohammed VI took pictures with several Moroccans in Paris during a stroll in the French capital on Thursday and Friday.

The king appeared without his traditional protocol.

On Thursday, the king took a picture next to a Moroccan man after discovering that he was a municipal sanitation worker engaged in keeping Paris clean.

The next day, the king was spotted in two more pictures on Facebook. The first picture, taken around 5 p.m., depicted the king and two young Moroccan girls on Champs-Élysées Avenue, a street in the eighth arrondissement, or sector, of Paris known for its luxury shops, theatres, and annual military parade.

“Thank God, the king is our caretaker” Ridwan, a man who commented on the photo, said. “To Moroccans, he is a merciful helper. His goodwill is ever present, he gives without limits, he is modest wherever he comes and goes, and he lives under the protection of his people with personality, power, and popularity.”

In the second picture, taken by his majesty’s personal guard, the king is surrounded by four Moroccan women who currently live in Paris.

The pictures confirm the safety of the King during his vacation to a variety of regions in France. He was rumored to have returned to Morocco on Thursday. Later, an official confirmed that the king was still in France, according to Hespress.

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