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Moroccan Woman Mistaken for Suicide Bomber Gets $400,000 From Daily Mail

Source : | 2 January 2016 |  Headlines | 969 views


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Rabat – Nabila Bakkacha, the Moroccan woman whose identity was mistaken for Paris’ female suicide bomber, received a settlement of US $400,000 from British newspaper The Daily Mail.

However, getting the settlement check has allegedly not been a simple thing for the Moroccan teacher. Nabila’s lawyer was arrested in Béni Mellal, in central Morocco, for fraud and breach of trust between him and his client, according to Les Eco.

The lawyer was brought before the public prosecutor for having made a deal with a British newspaper, in the case of Nabila

Last November, the Daily Mail published photos of the Moroccan woman, and attributed them to Europe’s first female terrorist, Boulahcen who blew herself up during the November 17 raid in Saint Denis, north of Paris.

The British publication later admitted its mistake and tried to reach a settlement with the Moroccan woman.

According to the daily, Nabila’s lawyer broke the pact of confidentiality and trust between them, when the newspaper attempted to settle with the Moroccan teacher, through him to avoid a costly lawsuit.

A check for US $400,000 (MAD 4 million) was reportedly granted to Nabila’s lawyer as part of the settlement process.

The lawyer, according to the same source, refused to make Nabila aware of her settlement money by holding the check from her. He allegedly tried to dissuade her from filing a lawsuit against the British daily.

Finally, the lawyer was arrested and prosecuted for fraud and breaking “client-lawyer” trust and confidentiality.

On November 22, Nabila claimed spent four hours being interrogated by police in relation to the alleged misuse of her private photos.

The young woman told police her photos landed in the hands of an English journalist before making the rounds across the globe.

“Journalists visited me at my house, apologizing for having done this. They justify their actions by the resemblance to the real cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud,” she told Moroccan media in November.

Having lived in France for a while, Nabila befriended a woman with whom she shared some photographs. The woman in question, a so-called Fouzia, later sold Nabila’s photos to English press.

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