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The Eighth MEDays International Forum to be Held in Tangier

Source : | 11 October 2015 |  Headlines | 238 views


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By Yasyn Mouhir

Rabat – The Amadeus Institute announced the Eighth MEDays International Forum from November 11 to 14, 2015 in Tangier. This year’s session will address the theme “Des chocs à la co-émergence” (“from shocks to co-emergence”).

The MEDays Forum has emerged as a meeting place to debate the major issues facing developing countries.

The Amadeus Institute has maintained its position among the most influential think-tanks in the Maghreb region.  MEDays 2015 will address many issues, including: the appeal of emerging economies, finance, banking in the African continent and its relationship with BRICS, as well as new energy orientations.

In addition, the forum will address major concerns in terms of human development (health, education and environment) within the international agenda, security challenges in Africa, and crisis management in Ukraine and the Arab world.

This year’s MEDays will feature nearly 150 participants at the highest level: heads of state and governments, ministers, politicians, CEOs, leaders of international organizations, experts, and civil society social representatives.

Furthermore, around 300 students from the best universities and colleges in the Kingdom will also participate in the event.

Admission to the Eighth MEDays International Forum is open to the general public.

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