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Sevilla Says Víctor Valdés Is Not an Option

Source : | 6 October 2015 |  Sports | 10518 views


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Miami – Sevilla’s president, José Castro, put an end to the rumors and announced that Spanish goalkeeper, Víctor Valdés, will not join the Andalusian club.

During a sports breakfast organized by Europapress, the president of Spain’s oldest football club said that Manchester United’s Valdés is not an “option” for Sevilla because they have “enough goalkeepers.”

“Valdés is not an option. We don’t have any intention to cover the goal any further. We have three or four players for that position and Sergio Rico is the one closest to occupy it for many years,” said Castro.

 “If we have good goalkeepers at home we are not going to look for them outside,” he added.

Supporting Castro’s remarks, Sevilla’s Football Director, Monchi, reaffirmed his trust in his 22-year-old goalkeeper, Sergio Rico, and said the club appreciates him.

“Let’s see if outside they will see that he [Rico] is a good goalkeeper and in Sevilla we won’t value him? He is 22 years old and the experience of having played a final in the EuropaLeague,” added. Monchi.

Víctor Valdés will be leaving Manchester United at the end of the season. In a previous statement last month, Manchester manager, Louis Van Gaal said he would let him go as long as he does not sign for another Premier League club.

Chelsea and Liverpool have both submitted their lists for alternate goalies and 33-year-old goalkeeper is regarded as a backup option for both clubs.

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