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Arsenal to Offer €19 Million to Sign Nolito

Source : | 5 October 2015 |  News | 511 views


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Rabat – Arsenal is reportedly interested in signing Celta Vigo star, Nolito, and is ready to put €19  million to secure his transfer, according to the daily Mirror.

As the next transfer window approaches, football clubs are seeking the best talents for their teams.

Celta’s Manuel Agudo Durán, best known as Nolito, is the favorite of many of the top European football clubs.

The 28-year-old is on the radar of my clubs due to his endurance and impressive performance with his club since the start of the season. He was very instrumental in helping his team secure a historic win against reigning UEFA Champions League winner, F.C. Barcelona, last September 23.

In addition to opening the score from a fantastic shot from outside the Barcelona box, Nolito provided his teammates with two assists.

Nolito is allegedly happy with the La Liga club and his contract does not expire until 2017.

Yet, he could well leave Balaídos Stadium and join Arsene Wenger’s side if the “Gunners” offer meets the demands of Celta Vigo.

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