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José Mourinho: Chelsea Can’t Have a Better Manager Than Me

Source : | 5 October 2015 |  News | 335 views


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Miami – Chelsea’s manager, José Mourinho, gave some strong declarations to the press in which he stated that there is no possible way he will quit the club.

According to him, the ‘blues’ could not be in better hands than his.

Despite Chelsea’s low performance this season and its poor standing at the Premier League, Mourinho is not giving up.

The Portuguese coach sounds confident and simply thinks he is the best coach for the “Blues”.

“No way I resign, no way! Why? Because Chelsea cannot have a better manager than me,” he said.

“There are many managers in the world that belong to my level, but not better…So no chance I run away,” he added.

‘The Special One’ gave two emphatic reasons as of why he believes no one else can take his job and why the ‘blues’ must keep him.

“First, I have my professional pride and I know that I’m very good at my job,” Mourinho affirmed amid rumors of his alleged “questionable” tactical choices.

“Secondly, I like this club very much, and if that [were] not the case, it could be different,” he added.

“I want the best for my club, and the best for my club is for me to stay….so I stay”, he concluded.

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