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Van Gaal: ‘I’m disappointed’ Manchester Lacked Aggressiveness, Let Arsenal Win

Source : | 4 October 2015 |  News | 316 views


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Rabat – In the press conference following Manchester United vs Arsenal match, Red Devils manager, Louis Van Gaal, said he is “disappointed” about the way his team played, stressing that his team lacked the “will” and the “aggressiveness” needed to defeat Arsenal.

“It was amazing for me, I’m very disappointed…The will to win, I didn’t see it,” declared the Dutch coach.

“You need aggression at the moment that you have a duel and Arsenal was much more aggressive than Manchester”.

Van Gaal said he was surprised that the squad played so loosely, although they knew they needed to be “compact”.

“I didn’t expect it, I was surprised. Not performing our game plan.”

“When you give a team as Arsenal so much space to play football then you know that you shall lose, and we had prepared ourselves also in advance to play more compact,” he added.

The Dutchman watched his team go from leader of the Premier League to third place after Sunday’s loss at Emirates Stadium.

“We have lost in a way that we cannot lose, when you are top of the league…. You cannot start like we have started and they know that.”

The former Barcelona coach stressed that the squad failed and gave too much space and time to Arsenal’s midfielders, especially Ozul, who “has the quality to profit from it”.

Furthermore, Van Gaal said he is frustrated that the players are going on break and he will not be able to coach them.

“The worst thing is that everybody is going away… they are flying away and I cannot build up a new situation that they have the confidence to play football to win the next battle against Everton,” he said.

He refrained from giving individual player evaluations to the press, since he believes it is more important to talk about the team as a whole to avoid misunderstandings.

“When I say it in a positive way is maybe not good and when I say it in a negative way it is tomorrow in all the headlines that I’m not satisfied…. I talk about the team… That’s more important than an individual evaluation,” he said.

Man United’s boss said he has much appreciation for the fans and thanked them for their loyalty.

“The fans are there always and they are always supporting Manchester United. Also today in spite of the loss…they were supportive….You have to thank the fans always,” he concluded.


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