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Morocco Dismantles 6-Strong Terrorist Ring For Recruiting ISIS Fighters

Source : | 4 October 2015 |  News | 199 views


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Rabat – Morocco’s Central Bureau for Judiciary Investigations (BCIJ) dismantled, Sunday, in coordination with the Spanish security services, a terrorist network composed of 6 members operating in Casablanca for recruiting and sending Moroccan fighters to ISIS terrorist organization.

A former convict in a terrorism case in Italy is among the arrested people, said a statement by the interior ministry, noting that the arrests are part of preventive operations to fight terrorism.

This operation was led in parallel with the arrest of 4 accomplices of this network living in Spain, in the cities of Toledo, Valencia and Barcelona’s suburbs, including a Portuguese man who converted to Islam and two women.

This dismantling operation was conducted as part of the efficient security cooperation between Morocco and Spain in a context marked by the upsurge of ISIS’ threats, it said.

The accused will be brought before justice once the investigation is completed under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, said the statement.

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