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Microsoft Launches Office 2016

Source : | 4 October 2015 |  Economy | 392 views


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Rabat – American multinational technology company Microsoft launched the latest version of its office applications (Office 2016) last week.

Office 2016, the base components of which are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, now has new features that make it more productive and professional.

Microsoft Office long dominated office applications but recently, Google Apps with its array of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications has undercut Office on price and gained traction among startups and younger users.

The most important new features of Office 2016 include:

The ability for team members to work together on Word documents in real time.

Ink Equation, a feature that allows the user to insert equations by handwriting them.

Tell Me, a smart assistant that can understand queries written in words.

And Delve, a feature that uses algorithms to arrange the most relevant information or documents in one place.

In addition to these new features, users can switch between light and dark gray themes

Office 2016 was designed with touch screens in mind. It will also work in old operating system like Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

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