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Sweden’s Truecaller Wants to Boost Presence in the Moroccan Market

Source : | 3 October 2015 |  Economy | 454 views


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Rabat – Despite Morocco’s calls to boycott all Swedish companies and products amid a political rift with Stockholm, the Swedish-based Truecaller says it is looking for a local partnership in order to boost its presence in the Moroccan market.

Founded in 2009 as a crowdsourced phonebook directory, Truecaller uses address books voluntarily uploaded by consumers, combined with existing yellow pages and white pages directories to allow its mobile app and website users identify callers through a reverse number lookup. Users can also block calls from reported spammers.

The Swedish company, which says it maintains the world’s largest phone directory, already has two million users in Morocco and is aspiring to reach 3 million users by the end of the year, according to Misherghi Husain, vice president in charge of growth and partnerships in the MENA region.

Misherghi Husain said during a media briefing held on Thursday that Morocco is among the ten markets recording the fastest growth in the world. “Within the past three months, the Moroccan base grew by 20 percent,” he noted.

Misherghi went on to add that the company is well liked by Moroccan users, and has become an essential app on Moroccans’ smart phones, just like Facebook and Whatsapp. The company currently has more than 150 million users worldwide, with those in the MENA region representing almost a quarter of its global user base.

The vice president pointed out that company is seeking to boost its presence in the kingdom. “We are here to understand the Moroccan eco-system and take part of it.”

“For now, we are striving to increase the user base in Morocco,” he concluded.

Asked by a reporter if the diplomatic rift between Morocco and Sweden may impact the company’s business in Morocco, Misherghi said, “The nationality of the start-up doesn’t mean anything. Truecaller is a global business.”

At the beginning of 2014, Truecaller had a team of only 25 individuals, but now employs around 50 people, all based in Stockholm, Sweden, with the exception of one team member located in Delhi, India.

Truecaller makes money through advertisements that are shown to users of its free version. Users also have the option to buy a premium ad-free version that offers additional services.

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