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90-Year-Old Woman Raped in a Town Near Rabat

Source : | 2 October 2015 |  Society | 2568 views


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By Jamal Bellahsen

Rabat – Last week, unidentified adolescents raped a 90-year-old woman in her cottage in a small town near Bouznika, a city near Rabat.

The victim, known as Hennouna, has lived alone in her cottage for many years without anyone to help her.

One of her neighbors told Moroccan 2M TV, ”We heard some people near her small home who were drinking wine, but we couldn’t identify them. We asked the guardian of the town to pay attention to her, but when he came to have a look at her, he found that she was raped.”

Another neighbor said, “If we didn’t come, she would have been dead. We called the local authorities and took her to the hospital, but she was in deplorable condition.”

Hennouna stayed in the hospital for five days after the heinous crime while the local authorities looked for the criminals.

According to her family, the authorities have arrested three adolescents, and the investigation is still underway to find the others.

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Posted by on Friday, October 2, 2015

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