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Moroccan Singers to Perform in Orlando on the 40th Anniversary of Green March

Source : | 1 October 2015 |  Arts & Culture | 230 views


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Rabat – Douzi, Hatim Amour, Ahmed Chawki and other Moroccan singers are due to perform on November 21 and 22 in Orlando, Florida at an event organized by Chabab Orlando to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Morocco’s Green March.

A press release obtained by Morocco World News said this event will bring together a group of Moroccan politicians, media, music, and sports figures, such as former Moroccan international football players Youssef Roussi, Nour Eddine Nybet, Zakaria Aboub and Ben Abicha.

The release goes on to add that the celebration will feature concerts by Hatim Amour, Ahmed Chawki, Douzi and Asmaa Lamnawar, as well as a standup act by comedian Rachid Allali.

The event will also include a soccer tournament in which the former Moroccan internationals will participate along with the Moroccans Living in America team, Miami, New York and Orlando.

Chabab Orlando, who organized the event, consists of a group of Moroccans living in Orlando for the purpose of promoting the Image of the Kingdom and boosting the citizenship spirit among Moroccans throughout cultural and social activities.

Moroccans will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Green March on November 6. The Green March is commemorated annually to immortalize the 350,000 Moroccans who marched into Morocco’s southern provinces in the Sahara, as well as the millions of Moroccans who marched in spirit to free the territory from the Spanish rule.

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