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Video: Mohammed VI Greets Moroccans Without Protocol in Paris

Source : | 1 October 2015 |  Marocpress TV | 366 views


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King Mohammed VI met with a group of Moroccans residing in France after he left the private hospital in Paris where Princess Lalla Soukaina, daughter of Lalla Meriem, King’s eldest sister, gave birth to twins.

With casual clothes and in the absence of royal protocol, the king went directly to meet a group of Moroccans who apparently were waiting outside the hospital to greet him congratulate the royal family.

In a video posted on YouTube, the king greeted them warmly one by one. While speaking with some of them, others were taking shots and selfies with him.

In authentic Moroccan language (darija), the king talked with Moroccans about their living conditions in France and asked them whether they visited Morocco last vacation. All of them replied yes.

“Mabrouk alikoum (congratulations) and it is an honor for us to meet you in person,” says a Moroccan resident in France.

The King traveled to Paris on Monday evening to visit his niece Lalla Soukaïna who gave birth to twins on Sunday.

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