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Niqabi Woman Performs with Heavy Metal Band on Stage

Source : | 28 September 2015 |  Arts & Culture | 590 views


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Taroudant – A Muslim thrash metal guitarist who reportedly converted to Islam in 2009, performs on stage wearing a niqab.

The video of the Muslim convert, Gisele Marie, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, went viral on social media with mixed reactions about her performance with “a dress associated to radical Islam.”

The 42-year-old, who is a guitarist for the heavy metal band Spectrum, said that she wanted to break that negative stereotype about Muslim women.

Marie said that while some people are shocked to see her playing at a concert with her pink polka-dotted Gibson Flying V guitar, others are curious and find it “interesting” or “cool”.

“I do not care about people looking at me because I wear the niqab, but I hope that people understand that Islam is just my religion and music is my profession, and indeed these two things are only my personal characteristics,” the musician told MailOnline.

“Music is my focus and the fact that I’m Muslim has no influence on the music,” she added.

Speaking about her clothes, Marie said “For me it’s a normal clothes, my clothes, and there is nothing different about wearing the niqab on stage.”

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