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Moroccan Painter Wins International Prize Marco Polo Ambassador of Art Award

Source : | 27 September 2015 |  Arts & Culture | 368 views


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Meknes – Moroccan painter Hayat Saidi was awarded the “International Prize Marco Polo Ambassador of Art” at a ceremony held on Friday night, in the city of Venice, Italy.

The award came as a tribute to the artwork and talent of the colorful painter, who is a member of Circolo Culturale Bertolt Brecht Association and Sassetti Cultura Association in Milan.

Speaking to Moroccan news agency MAP, Hayat described how she has become an integral part of Italian art. “My artworks are listed on the Milan chamber. I had the opportunity to attend several events and participate in artistic competitions, including the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, in which I got the third prize. Furthermore, avid Italian fans follow up my artworks. This is what I owe and the honor is being nominated for such prestigious international awards. “

Through her artwork, the artist reflects mystical facts related to existence, life, and women via granting the color and light a tongue to speak in order to allow the viewer the chance to contemplate soothingly and beautifully.

Hayat was born in Fez. She started painting in her childhood, and exhibited her debut artwork in 1990.

Additionally, she founded ‘Women’s Art World’ to discuss art issues and give opportunities to young artists to network with experts in order to expand their artistic knowledge.

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