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Moroccan Tourism Shows ‘Flexibility’ in Disrupted Global Economic Situation

Source : | 26 September 2015 |  Economy | 439 views


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Rabat  –  Moroccan tourism has showed “flexibility” in a “disturbed” global economy and an “unstable” regional geopolitical context, thanks to the interest granted by HM King Mohammed VI to this sector, its strong structural foundations and the relevance of the strategic choices made by Morocco, Tourism Minister Lahcen Haddad said.

“Morocco has adopted an innovative strategy in tourism by implementing 2010 Vision and 2020 Vision, aimed at doubling the size of the sector and raising Morocco among the world’s top 20 tourist destinations, given the potential and assets of the Kingdom, notably its location close to the main European markets”, Haddad told MAP in an interview on the occasion of the celebration of the World Tourism Day (September 27).

The tourism industry holds an important place in the Moroccan economy, Haddad noted, highlighting the sector’s role as a significant lever for promoting socio-economic growth, given its contribution in the creation of added value and employment and the reduction of poverty.

Noting that the international situation and the economic and political challenges require the establishment of a policy for the promotion and marketing of Morocco in global markets, the minister said that the tourism sector management is based on a medium and long-term strategy and roadmap, mobilization of the sector’s stakeholders and the promotion of the kingdom’s tourism assets (diversity, quality, security, etc ).


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