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Linkry App Supports CEED Morocco

Source : | 25 September 2015 |  Economy | 467 views


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Rabat – CEED accelerates programs to reflect a company’s stage of growth while focusing on the skills and knowledge to manage growing companies.

This year, CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development) Conference took place in Morocco. A conference which is organized annually to help Moroccan founders and entrepreneurs gain skills in business and extend their networking abilities.

Morocco World News approached Linkry and its team, a Geo-based professional networking application that makes discovery easy, bringing a global community of real people ready to help and support each other. Linkry was among participant startups this year at CEED Morocco.

Photo credit: Chaymaa Rhou

MWN: As a participant of this year’s CEED conference, tell us more about their approach, and what was the role of Linkry promoting the event on your social media platforms?

Linkry was proud to be a Silver Partner for the CEED annual conference alongside IBM, OCP and CAREEM. We provided our full service package for the Conference, as our services are used before, during and after the event. CEED used our application and software for registering the attendees and for live event support during the event. We also provide value adding post event analytics allowing the host to make data driven decisions for future events, thus decreasing/optimizing costs and allowing them to increase their event ROI.

MWN: Do you think that the program offered this year to develop entrepreneurship skills of participant startups and companies reflects a great initiative that will help their growth and achievements in the future?

CEED is a wonderful initiative that is a source of great help in supporting, guiding, educating, and mentoring the entrepreneurship community. They invite speakers with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. The speeches, interactive Q&A sessions and panel discussions are an invaluable source of information for entrepreneurs, startups and even for people who already have established successful businesses. In addition, the Conference attendees had a great opportunity to network amongst themselves, meet new people that they can learn from or collaborate with in their various entrepreneurship endeavors.

This on site/event networking is one of the key aspects that our Mobile Event application can optimize as all the attendees and speakers are listed in our application with their profiles and can be searched for and instant messaged through the application. So we were very excited to see people using Linkry to talk to one another through our App and then meet face-to-face at the conference, thus creating personal links with one another. This is what the App is all about.

MWN: Linkry was among participant startups at CEED Morocco this year. Your app is offering services such as networking with other founders and connecting people in their area to extend their community members. How was the CEED conference effective for you while networking with other business founders and people involved in entrepreneurship?

The conference was a great networking opportunity in itself. There were very interestingly smart people working on all sorts of potentially successful projects. Our App is all about networking, and during an event with a large number of attendees, we facilitate the connections between people. We received a lot of feedback from the attendees that our App was very useful in their networking efforts. One can also imagine how helpful the App would be in even larger events where there can be a thousand or thousands of attendees. With so many people at these events it is very difficult to find those that one is most interested in talking to just by walking around and looking at badges. With Linkry you can simply search through the Attendee list and instant message the people you would like to talk to and set up a face-to-face meeting at the event.

MWN: As a new Moroccan app, with exceptional services and a new vision, tell us more about your future steps and partnerships.

We are currently tripling our staff size and opening a new office in Marrakech, which will go live on October 1st. The demand for our product is growing rapidly and we are quickly growing our staff to support the operations, sales and support services for our product. We are in discussions with major global event planners who host thousands of yearly events and their feedback about our services has been very positive. So we are very excited to see people interested in our product and we look forward to providing the best event organization platform on the market, at a very competitive price while providing world-class support to our customers. Some of our clients worldwide include IBM, CEED, TEDx, Smart Cities Asia, and many more.

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