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Royal Air Maroc Presents its Cargo Business in New York

Source : | 22 September 2015 |  Economy | 373 views


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New York – Royal Air Maroc (RAM), the national airline of Morocco, held, Monday night in Long Beach, the State of New York, a meeting with the major US customers and forwarders, to present and promote its cargo sales in the US market.

This event, which brought together the elite of American clients and professionals in air transport, was the opportunity to present the opportunities offered by the cargo business of the company from the North American continent.

Held in collaboration with the General Sales Agent (GSA) of the RAM in the United States, the ECS Group, the meeting was attended by over a hundred of the most prominent US prescribers in this sector, which is witnessing an unprecedented boom in the United States and throughout North America.

RAM Cargo is the business unit of the airline dedicated to the cargo business. It provides freight transportation on the fleet of the national carrier and operates the hold capacity of available aircrafts, but also the capabilities of freighter aircrafts (dedicated to freight only) with a capacity of 15 tons.

The Cargo sector of RAM transports 25,000 tons of freight per year. Its activity has risen significantly since 2014. The national company has deployed the necessary resources to develop its cargo business, in particular making the Casablanca hub an essential platform for the flow of goods between Western Africa and the rest of the world.

The network served by B-737 freighter was reinforced by regular flights to Africa, namely Bamako, Ouagadougou, Conakry or Algiers and Nouakchott shortly. The B-737 cargo plane also connects Casablanca to Brussels via daily flights.

RAM Cargo has strengthened its distribution channels based on the GSA network (sales representatives). In parallel, efforts have been made to improve the quality of services to better satisfy customers.

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