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UNIVERSUM Research Reveals Insights into Employer Appeal in Morocco

Source : | 21 September 2015 |  Economy | 578 views


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Casablanca – As world-renowned experts in employer branding, Universum is present in more than fifty global markets conducting extensive research amongst students and young professionals. This year Universum expanded into five new African markets; Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco.

With this recent expansion, Universum has completed its first round of research into drivers for employer attractiveness amongst Moroccan students. The research was conducted between February and May 2015 and included the views of 2162 Moroccan students. The study highlighted insights into the unique nature of Morocco’s employment landscape, especially when compared to the other five African markets, including South Africa, where Universum has been conducting research for more than 10 years.

One of the most prominent trends resulting from the research is that work/life balance is a very important career goal for Moroccan students. Universum recently conducted a study on Millennials (also known as Generation Y or those born from the early 80’s to approximately 2004), looking at the different career preferences and expectations of Millennials across the globe.

Work/life balance was also reflected very strongly as a career goal amongst South African students. Kelebogile Motsa, Project Manager of Data Collection in South Africa says “being a Millennial myself, I enjoy working in an environment that fits in well with my lifestyle. Working at an organization that offers flexibility and a great culture helps me become more effective in my efforts at work.” This is something we see very strongly for Moroccan students as well, where people and culture play a significant role in the choice of employer students find attractive. When asked why certain potential employers aren’t considered appealing, factors such as a very stressful atmosphere and an environment that is not fun and dynamic were amongst the list.

In addition, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya students have aspirations to start up their own business or work for startups, which could possibly lead to less unemployment, given the high unemployment figures in these countries. This is however, where we see a significant difference from Moroccan students. Findings indicate that the number of opportunities available and the need for expansion drives students to prefer working outside their home country.

Across the globe, we see a significant gap between male and female salary expectations. In most nations males expect to earn more than what females expect to earn in their first job after graduation. Per the study’s results, in Morocco women expect to earn MAD 166,786 and men expect to earn MAD 190,537 reflecting a much smaller gap compared to most African markets, such as Nigeria.

One of the most interesting findings from the research is the type of employers Moroccan students find attractive. Despite indicating that their preferred industries to work in are Banks as well as Auditing and Accounting, the aviation industry seems to be appealing to most. Both Business as well as Engineering students rank national airline company Royal Air Maroc amongst their top three ideal employers. Global employers such as L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble also feature amongst ideal employers to Moroccan students.

Key Account Manager, Luvuyo Magopeni says “With these kinds of insights in mind, employers need to constantly refine and adapt their employer branding efforts to cater to talent needs. As much as talent would prefer to work for international companies, it is clear that as the market evolves these international companies will be faced with intense competition for the right talent from the small and medium enterprises.”

Universum’s research into the drivers of employer attractiveness is the key component used to understand what attracts talent to a specific employer. In order to attract top talent, businesses need to understand these drivers and be able to respond accordingly.

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