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Morocco, the New Destination for Business Aviation

Source : | 8 September 2015 |  Economy | 522 views


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Miami – Last week, Casablanca, Morocco’s economic hub, hosted the MEBBA Show, the first African Show for Business Aviation, which took place at Mohammed V International Airport.

According to AIN news, the two-day show held on September 1-2 was a success as MEBBA’s event organizer called Morocco “the new destination for business aviation”.

Morocco’s Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics facilitated the site for nearly 60 exhibitors who had setup displays, as well as for the approximate 2,000 business aviation professionals and guests who attended the conference and networked throughout.

Morocco is quickly becoming the place to be for the aviation field. The North African nation has been chosen by more than 100 international aeronautic and aerospace companies, according to GIMAS.

Some of the most notable include companies Bombardier, Stelia, UTC, Safran, Segula, Minco, Nexans, Matis, Boeing, Zodiac, Crouzet, Atlantic Air, Air France, etc.

According to Morrocan Aerospace Industries Association, the Kingdom’s key cities in the aviation field – Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier, Mohammedia, Bouskoura, Nouasser – are a source of employment to over 8,000 qualified aerospace professionals.

Morocco’s strategic geographical location makes the nation “a central base in the world map that includes a know-how, skills and high quality facilities” according to GIMAS.

BCI Aerospace Meetings Casablanca was created to meet the interest of foreign investors and the need for a base to represent over 15 countries that have settled their aerospace services in Morocco. It is a “platform for big players to connect with companies offering the right capabilities and services throughout [our] matchmaking program”.

Adding to the international boom in business aviation in the Kingdom, reported at 15-20% growth per year, another international event has chosen Casablanca as its host city. Aerospace 2015 Casablanca, the International Business Convention for the Aerospace Industry will take place October 6 and 7, at the Office des Foires et Expositions.

The Conference will “cover topics of Aeronautics, Aerospace, Aerospace Technologies, Aerospace Industry and more” informs BCI.

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