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A woman is raped every 40 minutes in France: Survey

Source : | 12 August 2015 |  Society | 1889 views


Rabat – The number of reported rapes and sexual assaults in France has shot up 18 percent over the past five years, a new survey revealed.

The new figures were issued by the French National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Liability (ONDRP) and published on Tuesday by France’s Daily Le Figaro newspaper.

The new figures revealed that a woman is raped every 40 minutes in France. This means there were 33 sexual assaults reported in France each day, reported Le Figaro.

The ONDRP noted that there were 12,700 sexual assaults reported in France in 2014, “a leap of 18 percent since a similar survey in 2010.”

The survey also recorded a 20 percent increase of sexual assault against minors in 2014 compared to the last year. The number increased from 5,751 to 6,936.

However, multiple media reports in France suggest that the real number of rapes might be much higher. This survey only dealt with assaults that were reported to police and shared with prosecutors, and thus did not reveal the exact number of attacks.

France’s The Local quoted the Director of the ONDRP Christophe Soullez as saying that that these statistics represented nothing more than the “tip of the iceberg.”

“These reports represent only around 10 percent of the total rapes,” Christophe Soullez concluded.

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