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Mohammed and Fatima, Most Frequent Foreign Names in Spain

Source : | 19 June 2015 |  Headlines | 235 views


Rabat – Moroccan names Mohammed and Fatima are the most common expat names in Spain, according to Spain’s Office of National Statistics (INE). According to the figures, Moroccan and Romanian names are the most frequent foreign names in Spain.

The statistics have revealed that there are 40,658 people originally from Morocco whose names are Mohamed, 19,401 Mohammeds (spelled with double m), 15,003 Ahmeds, 9,513 Saids, 8,956 Rachids, 8,583 Youssefs, 7,468 Mustaphas, and 18,493 Fatimas. There are also 2,436 Algerian Mohamed’s.

The list of the 50 most common male expat names also includes names from Pakistan, Algeria, Senegal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia and Portugal.

The figures have also found that Fatima is the most common female expat name. There are currently 18,493 Moroccan Fatimas living in Spain, 8,339 Khadijas, 5,208 Aichas, and 4,963 Naimas. They are followed by 12,547 Romanian Marias and 10,629 Romanian Elenas.

The list of the top 50 female expat names in Spain also includes names from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Colombia and Bulgaria.

According to Spain’s Ministry of Employment and Social Security, as of 2014 there were 771,000 Moroccans who are living in Spain. Moroccans come second to Romanians (953,000) and ahead of the British (276,000). In total, as of 2014, 4,925,089 foreign nationals lived in Spain.

British names that are most common in Spain are John (1,757) and David (1,662) for men and Susan (916) and Margaret (892) for women.

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