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The Moroccan Embassy in DC Presents Passport DC: Cultural Tourism

Source : | 4 May 2015 |  Arts & Culture | 346 views


Fez – Morocco is participating in Passport DC: Cultural Tourism throughout the month of May in an opportunity to portray its cultural heritage.

The event which is organized by the Moroccan embassy in the USA in collaboration with the Ministry of Handicrafts and Social Economy and the Crafts House aims at presenting different Moroccan handicrafts combining tradition and modernity, such as tapestries, traditional costumes, basketry, decorative items, and jewelry.

Passport DC 2015 is a month-long journey around the world highlighting DC’s thriving international diplomatic community and its lively and varied international culture. Celebrated annually in May, which is International Cultural Awareness Month in Washington, Passport DC is 31 days of programming by 70 embassies and more than 40 of DC’s very best cultural institutions. Over 280,000 people will experience the popular embassy open houses, street festivals, performances, exhibitions and workshops.

Forty embassies will be present throughout the open houses, including Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Japan, Indonesia, Ghana, Gabon, Mexico, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, the Philippines, Bolivia, Haiti, Guatemala, the Bahamas and Malaysia.

The exhibition attracts thousands attendees each year who live in the U.S. capital and other regions, who wish to soak up culture.  Gnawa and Andalusian music will also accompany the exhibition enhancing the festival atmosphere and charm.

The event is an opportunity to pay tribute to Moroccan crafts and to inform the American public about the diversity and uniqueness of Morocco’s national cultural heritage.

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