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Arab-Turkish forum commends King Mohamed VI’s efforts to preserve Al Quds

Source : | 3 December 2012 |  World | 4400 views


Istanbul (Turkey), Dec 2, 2012 (MAP)

The 5th Arab-Turkish Cooperation Forum, which was held Saturday in Istanbul, highly praised the efforts of King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, to preserve the Arab-Muslim identity of the holy city and support its inhabitants.

The Forum, which brought together Turkey and 21 Arab countries, also welcomed the role of the Committee-affiliated “Bayt Mal Al Quds” Agency in this context.

In the final statement, the participants expressed total rejection of all illegitimate Israeli initiatives aimed to judaize and mutilate the identity of Al Quds to take it as a capital of Israel.

In addition, they emphasized the importance of the “historic decision” to grant Palestine the status of non-member observer state of the United Nations.

They also condemned the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and the Israeli attack against the Palestinian territory, welcoming the Palestinian resistance.

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