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Islamist protesters force Egypt court to delay session

Source : | 2 December 2012 |  24H | 439 views


CAIRO, Dec 2, 2012 (AFP) -

Hundreds of supporters of President Mohamed Morsi protested outside a top Egyptian court on Sunday, forcing judges to postpone a hearing on a constitutional panel at the heart of a deepening political crisis.

A judicial official told AFP that the court had not even begun sitting when it called an “administrative delay” to the session that would have also looked into the status of the Islamist-dominated senate.

Any rulings would have escalated a crisis with Islamist President Morsi, who in a decree barred the court from examining the case, before the panel adopted the constitution on Friday.

The official MENA news agency reported that the Supreme Constitutional Court would issue a statement on the delay later on Sunday.

Both the judicial official and state television did not mention when the court would hold any new session.

A lawyer told reporters that Sunday’s session had been put off because the judges felt they could not enter the courtroom because of the Islamist protesters.

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