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Damascus to be freed next spring

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Morocco World News with Maghreb Intelligence

Rabat, December 1, 2012

Reports from Syria say almost unanimously that the capital Damascus will very likely no longer be in the hands of Bashar Al Assad by the end of next spring. The big city revolted late and is virtually cut off from its suburbs. Indeed, the rebels have already taken the immediate area around Damascus.

The Free Syrian Army controls the majority of communities around the Syrian capital. According to the same reports, the Free Syrian army is in position to attack the forces of the regular army frontally for the first time. It could even oppose them in conventional warfare. Advised by the Jordanian and Turkish military, the cities of Aleppo and Damascus are the rebels’ next targets.

If the former is already mainly controlled by the rebels, the latter might still resist, even though many districts are under the control of the Free Syrian Armyand some jihadists factions. The power of Bashar Al Assad has amassed the largest of its forces to defend the capital, whose fall would mean the end of the Baathist regime, and to secure Alawite quarters including the city of Lataquieh.

The last battle should oppose the rebels with what’s left of the forces still loyal to President Bashar Al Assad, backed by Iran and Hezbollah. Confrontations are to take place in mostly Alawite areas starting next spring, according to the projections of Western intelligence service.

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