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Moroccan Elected Most Beautiful Arab Woman for 2014

Source : | 23 September 2014 |  Arts & Culture | 1264 views


Rabat – Moroccan Fati Jamali was crowned most beautiful Arab women for the year 2014, at the Miss Arab beauty pageant organized on Saturday by Lebanese channel MTV in Beirut. 

This is not first tile won by the Moroccan beauty who has been top model since age of 16. Last year, she was crowned Miss Africa and won the prize World next top model for that year, which earned him the title of the model that has the most beautiful body in the world.

This title adds to many others titles won by Moroccan women in beauty pageant contests.

Last month Moroccan Ghita Kebrani reached the final of Miss World Next Top Model 2014, in a ceremony organized by MTV channel.

The Moroccan top model finished 5th runner up behind Mercedes Pruzzini (Venezuela), Sandra Cvetanovic (Serbia), Dina Kubasova (Latvia) and Diana Oubeid (Lebanon) who finished first runner up. The competition crowned Ukraine’s Olga Klymenko.


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