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Historic UN Meeting on Palestine with no Arab Foreign Minister

Source : | 29 November 2012 |  Headlines | 485 views


Morocco World News

New York, November 29, 2012

While public opinion in the Arab and Islamic world is excited at the prospects of witnessing the General Assembly vote in favor of the upgrade of Palestine to non-member observer state at the United Nations, not a single Arab Minister of Foreign has so far confirmed its presence at the this historic meeting scheduled to take place this afternoon in New York.

Even the Arab League Secretary General, Nabil El Arabi, will not attend this plenary meeting.

In contrast, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and Indonesia will be present at the General Assembly hall to lend their political support to the Palestinian bid.

An Arab diplomat who spoke to MWN on condition of anonymity expressed his frustration and amazement to learn that no high level Arab official will take part in the meeting to show political support to the Palestinian cause.

“We would have loved to see the lead in political support shown by Arab Ministers and the secretary General of the League of Arab States, rather than by Turkey or Indonesia,” he said.

If they don’t show their political support to the Palestinian people at this historic moment, when are they going to show it,” he added with an overtone of deep frustration.

A reporter told MWN that the foreign Minister of Jordan might also attend the meeting, but this information has not been confirmed yet.

The foreign ministers of Turkey and Indonesia are scheduled to speak at the General Assembly meeting starting at 2000 GMT.

So far 132 countries have recognized the State of Palestine. But some of those who recognized it are expected to abstain, many European countries are expected to vote in favor of the upgrade even though they have not recognized a Palestinian state.

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