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These are some of the countries that will vote for the Palestinian Bid

Source : | 29 November 2012 |  Headlines | 297 views


Morocco World News

New York, November 29, 2012

Less than an hour before the start of the landmark General Assembly meeting that will vote on the upgrade of the Palestine status to a non-member observer state, concurring news reports from the United Nations say that the draft resolution presented by the Palestinian authority will obtain at least 135 votes in favor. This will guarantee that the resolution will pass at the General Assembly even in the event it is determined that this issue requires a two-third majority vote, namely 128 votes.

According to our latest information, many European countries will vote in favor of the Palestinian bid, namely, Luxemburg, Ireland, Cyprus, Austria, Malta, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Island, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Lichtenstein and Italy.  Among European countries, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are among countries that will abstain. Australia, a strong supporter of Israel at the United Nations, will abstain, while Canada is expected to vote against the draft resolution.

On the other hand, forty Latin American countries will vote in favor of the Palestinian bid, while Panama, Jamaica and Colombia, allies of the United States, will abstain.

All Arab and Muslim countries are expected to vote in favor of the draft resolution. The same applies to Africa where the Palestinian cause enjoys widespread support. One of the few countries that will distinguish themselves is South Sudan, which will abstain.

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