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King Mohamed VI holds phone conversation with French president

Source : | 28 November 2012 |  Headlines | 336 views


RABAT, Nov 28, 2012 (MAP)

King Mohammed VI held, Wednesday, a telephone conversation with French president François Hollande, the King’s office said in a statement.

The conversation was agreed to in recent days, as part of fruitful cooperation set up at the highest level between the two countries.

The Sovereign said he looks forward to the state visit to be paid by President Hollande to Morocco, early next year, at the invitation of the King.

The visit reflects the willingness of the two heads of state to enrich and deepen the special partnership between Morocco and France as part of its adaptation to the developments brought about in the two countries and a constant overhaul of its instruments.

The King and the French President welcomed the results of the various ministerial visits in recent months and the holding, on December 12-13, of the High-Level Meeting to be chaired by the two heads of government.

All the conditions are now brought about for the success of the first official visit of President François Hollande to Morocco, the statement said.

In addition, the Sovereign and the French President had an overview of the major international and regional issues of common interest. There was a convergence of viewpoints on several issues.

The two heads of state expressed strong concern about the deteriorating situation in the Sahel and in particular in Mali, noting that the entire region is threatened and that failing a collective, firm and ordered response to resolve the sharp crisis in Mali, it will inevitably extend to the countries of the region.

In this regard, the UN Security Council resolution 2071 of October 12, while encouraging dialogue and negotiation with non-terrorist armed groups, mainly Malians, paved the way for a possible military intervention by ECOWAS, alongside Malian forces to restore the national and territorial integrity of Mali against terrorist organizations, whose action goes beyond the Malian context.

The two heads of state also highlighted the importance of the next meeting of the “Group of Friends of Syria”, scheduled for 12 December in Marrakech, as a token of support for the “national coalition of the forces of the Syrian revolution and opposition,” and its role as a central element of the necessary political transition in Syria.

Finally, the King, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, expressed his gratitude to France for its decision to vote, in the General Assembly, in favor of the status of non-member state of the United Nations, presented by Palestine.

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