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Palestinian Legislative Council welcomes King Mohammed VI’s initiatives to support Palestinians

Source : | 26 November 2012 |  News | 441 views


Rabat , November 26, 2012 (MAP)

The Palestinian Legislative Council welcomed, on Sunday, King Mohammed VI’s initiatives to help Palestinians, victims of the latest Israeli aggression against Gaza strip, highlighting the Moroccan humanitarian aid dispatched to Gaza and the setting up of military field hospital for the benefit of the Palestinian people.

During a press conference held by the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) in Rabat, Ashraf Gomoaa, a Council member, expressed his gratitude and that of the Palestinian people to the King for sending urgent humanitarian aid and the setting up of a medical-surgical field hospital in the Gaza Strip, saying that the Moroccan people are loyal to their solidarity stances with the Palestinian people.

He said that Morocco, including all its political components, unions and associations, reaffirms its steadfast resolve to support the Palestinian cause.

A large national march, staged in support of the Palestinian people and to denounce the Israeli attack against the Gaza strip, took place on Sunday in Rabat. Protesters came from all over Morocco to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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