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Abdelilah Benkirane’s Fickle Personality

Source : | 26 November 2012 |  News | 581 views


By Omar Bihmidine

Morocco World News

Sidi Ifni, November 26, 2012

Before being elected head of the government in the wake of the Arab Spring, Abelilah Benkirane staunchly commiserated on the deplorable living conditions of the Moroccan masses by promising to fight corruption and bring back the confiscated dignified livelihoods of Moroccans. This is how he succeeded to gain people’s hearts.

Yet, the mystery is why he has been much criticized lately and mocked by our media given the fact that it is Moroccans themselves who chose him to represent them. Simply put, the secret is that Benkirane is no longer the man who sided with his fellow Moroccans against the corrupt but rather the man who has found out that forgetting past mistakes and reforming without looking to the past is what will make Morocco move forward.

From this change in Benkirane’s vision as the man in the lead, we can draw the conclusion that his personality is fickle and contradictory. At times, he claims during his speeches that he is a mere fellow Moroccan and is therefore acutely aware of the bitter reality people are constantly facing. At other times, he believes the dream that Morocco is a country where everything is going as planned and that Moroccans must be optimistic rather than hopeless about the future no matter what they hear about the crises plaguing the country. In other words, there are times when he gives people the impression that the best is yet to come. Up until now, however, Moroccans have not tasted the fruits of the change.

According to Moroccan psychologist Abdeljabar Choukri, Abdelilah Benkirane’s personality has a clear impact on his decisions. Choukri based his statement on the life of Benkirane, especially during the latter’s formative careers as a politician. As a student at the Institute of Engineers in Rabat, Benkirane held Marxist leanings.

However, over time, he moved on to join the Islamists. Fickleness in this particular change of convictions and principles, the psychologist explained, is a clear sign that Benkirane’s personality is unsteady and that Moroccans should never rely on him as their savior from calamities.

Changing from Marxism to Islamism is rarely observed among real politicians in the world, the psychologist added. At this point, we have the right to doubt the loyalty of Benkirane and his empty promises. Proof for this skepticism is countless. One of them is Benkirane’s failure to alleviate the dire living conditions of the indigent people.

As a PJD militant, Benkirane was noted for raising a number of mottoes, chief of which was the fight for people’s fundamental rights. Among these are procuring dignified livelihoods and bringing about social justice. However, no sooner had he come into office then he raised fuel prices, causing an increase in transport tickets. Upon this decision, he appeared to silence the anger vented by the downtrodden with another promise, devoting the revenues of these price increases to helping the needy.

It has now been a long time that the needy have not received a penny. Here, we are only compelled to call into question the credibility of the PJD. Nowadays, a great part of the Moroccan public is no longer faithful to PJD members las they were before.

A number of unemployed Moroccan graduates still vividly remember the day Benkirane approached them with the promise that most of them would land jobs. Several videos, which have been watched by thousands, testify to this. It appears that the promise is broken as the number of sit-ins before the parliament is on the rise. Unemployment is growing more rampant. Instead of finding a way out of this ordeal, Benkirane has chosen the easiest way, that of using batons to scare off the strikers and clear the way. Was it not Benkirane himself who once became enraged and attacked the previous Interior Ministry for beating peaceful strikers? Here is another contradiction.

Ultimately, from the sociological perspective, Abdeljabar Choukri has identified three sides of Benkirane’s fickle personality: the popular man who delivers popular speeches to shun the intermittent contradictions characterizing the governments decisions, the social man who identifies with the Moroccan society and who knows the ins and outs of its fabric, and the political man who cannot help falling prey to ideological factors to sustain national stability at any rate. Most surprising of all is that the common denominator is that Abdelilah Benkirane has got an easily fickle personality.

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