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The Moroccan Government Will Use New Technology to Track Absenteeism in Public Administrations

Source : | 26 November 2012 |  News | 446 views


By Loubna Flah

Morocco World News

Casablanca, November 26, 2012

The new circular issued by the head of government, Mr. Abdelilah Benkirane, intended initially to curb the detrimental effect of absenteeism on the productivity in public administration stirred concerns among trade unions.

The union leaders are more apprehensive about the underpinnings of this measure that is susceptible to abrogate the employees’ legitimate right to go on strike.

According to the Moroccan daily Akhar Al Yawm, the circular stipulates that any type of absence constitutes a transgression of the employees’ commitment to work.  It also outlines the procedures to be enforced in the case of absence, including penalties and wage deduction.

Abderrahmane Azzouzi, the secretary general of the Democratic Federation of Labor told the daily Moroccan Akhbar Al Yawm that strikers are more likely to be targeted by the current measures, taking into consideration the current context.

He added that this circular is an attempt to intimidate employees to push them to relinquish their legitimate right to go on strike.

In order to enforce sanctions against frequent absenteeism, the circular puts forward a set of procedures to control the levels of absenteeism in public administrations, using technological devices that measure absenteeism on a daily basis.

These new devices can inform the ministry about the number of hours missed during the work day. Subsequently, a written inquiry is sent to the absent employees, in addition to the deduction of the missed days from their salaries.

The public servants who have a high record of absenteeism will see their wages reduced or totally suppressed. To ensure the consistency of these measures, the government created a special unit within the Central Department of Human Resources in charge of evaluating the effectiveness of this new strategy.

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