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‘Dirty Pollution’ describes the journey of earth at Casablanca’s 2012 Fashion week

Source : | 25 November 2012 |  News | 530 views


By Karima Rhanem

Morocco World News

Casablanca, November 25, 2012

Mehdi Khessouane, artist and global fashion designer, raised the Moroccan public awareness about the danger of the environment degradation through his new collection ‘dirty polution’. His show was programmed along with Fashion designer Fadila El Gadi at the opening of the 7th edition of the Casablanca Fashion Week, held at the former Sacré coeur Cathedral from 8 to 10 November.

It was not just a simple parade. Mehdi Khessouane, participating for the 3rd time in Casablanca Fashion Week has finally presented its new collection ‘Dirty Polution’. The thirty top notch collection (male and female), is inspired by new materials and fabrics of international designers (Lelievre, zimmer & rohde, Hodsoll McKenzie and Larsen). It is marked with a blending of black and white, and embroidery linen with horsehair.

The parade started with a breath of nature. The colors were then changed to white and ended in total darkness. The first top models paraded with nude shades such as beige, a color that fascinates much the young designer. For him, the color is between the white’s purity and fragility and the strength of the brown . The parade was closed by a “cancerous bride”, which represents a powerful symbol of the genetic transformations that threaten the man who destroys his environment.

The creations of Mehdi Khessouane communicate a special conceptual style. His universe is based on three symbols: reflection, science and aesthetics, and this is what characterizes his artistic approach in general.

At the Catwalks, you feel a cry of nature in its ‘dirty pollution,’ an intensified confrontation between man and nature. His collection perfectly reflects the whole problematic linked to the progressive industrialization inflicted on nature in terms of pollution, global warming and environmental degradation.

Mehdi Khessouane has clearly expressed his position against the industrialized world. “Man is a self-destructive creature and in the same way he destroys his own environment. His distance from our own nature causes genetic changes and tumors, and that’s reflected in my collection,” he pointed out.

Khessouane’s creations are designed both for women and men, who desire a style far away from fashion trends.’

‘I am someone who works a lot on the concept. I believe that when the essence of something is well thought of and carries a message, it can only be esthetically sublimated from its interior, the young artist told MWN.

Mehdi Khesouane’s new furniture collection and short film addressing environmental questions will be presented in mid December in a show room in Casablanca.

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