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Taghazout Surf Festival: a new way of promoting green tourism in Southern Morocco

Source : | 25 November 2012 |  News | 432 views


By Fatima Matousse

Morocco World News

Fez, November 25, 2012

Taghazout Festival is set to take place from the 17th to 29th of December in a stunning beach village called Taghazout. This village is situated 18 km north of Agadir, in Souss-Massa-Draa region. An association called Izorane (“roots” in Tamazight) was created in 2007 to contribute to the development of this village by organizing several activities such as surf competitions, concerts, beach cleaning, and heritage celebrations.

Taghazout is known to be one of the destinations of the most skillful surfers in the world. It also receives millions of tourists every year.

The program of the festival will include the following: surf competition with DJ, a music concert on the beach, beach cleaning, and press conference. Through this event, university professors specializing in the environmental field aim is to raise awareness about the effect of pollution on their region.

Beach cleaning of the village will take place on the 28th of December starting from 10 a.m. Villagers, tourists, surfers and association activists will take part in this event.

The surf competition will take place on the 29th of December. That same day, a musical concert will entertain the audience with the participation of the famous singer Amazigh Amouri Mbraek, DJ Face, Rass Derb, Abdellah Khoutia, MC Jamal, and Eava from Morocco. The winners in the competition will be awarded prizes.

Taghazout and the surrounding beaches near Agadir are known for being one of the most frequented destinations for surfing in the world. For instance, Imourane, a beach located near Taghazout, is known for hosting national and international surf competitions.

While the villagers continue to rely on fishing as one of their sources of living, sport tourism has become an important economic activity of many young people in the region who operate surf camps, shops that rent surf materials, furnished apartments, who also interact with tourists coming from all over the world. This festival comes to contribute to the development of the region and it is an opportunity for people to network, have fun, educate each other and learn to surf.

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