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For First time, This Year’s Throne Ceremony Won’t Include Allegiance to the King

Source : | 31 July 2012 |  News, Politics | 20173 views

Morocco World News

Rabat, July 29, 2012

For the first time in decades, the Throne celebration, which marks the anniversary of the enthronement of King Mohammed VI, won’t include the allegiance to the King.

According to a statement issued on Sunday by the Ministry of the Royal Household, Protocol and Chancellery, King Mohammed VI “on Monday, will chair an Iftar (fast-breaking meal) at the Rabat Royal Palace and deliver the same day the Throne Day’s speech which will be aired on TV and radio channels starting 1.00 p.m.”

“HM the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) will preside, on Tuesday evening at the Rabat Royal Palace, over the oath-taking ceremony by newly-graduated officers from the different military, paramilitary and civilian schools and institutes,” read the statement. The statement made no mention of the allegiance ceremony.

The allegiance ceremony has always been regarded by many Moroccans as a medieval practice that should be abandoned.

Several members of the current PJD-led government had previously voiced their opposition to such protocol.

Saad Eddine Alotmani, Lahbib Chobani, Moustapha Ramid and Najib Bolif signed a document on March 31, 2011 demanding the abolition of “all ceremonies, traditions and rituals that are perceived to be as humiliating and degrading to the human dignity.” The petition entitled “The Change that We Want” was signed by some activists, politicians, journalists and former political detainees.

The annual ceremony of allegiance embodied in the “Bayaa” (Allegiance ceremony) is a century-old tradition. During this ceremony Moroccan Ministers and other officials renew their allegiance to the king.

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