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Launch of the first touch pad made in Morocco

Source : | 20 July 2012 |  News, Technology | 10680 views

Moroccan manufacturer of computers DataPlus has launched the first touch pads “made in Morocco” under the brand name RMC, Jeune Afrique reported on Wednesday.

The Moroccan tablets are assembled in Bouskoura (a few kilometers from Casablanca) from components imported mainly from South Korea.

These touch pads have been commercialized online since early June by the distributor network of DataPlus and in the country’s supermarkets (including Carrefour and Metro).

After the first shop of the company named RMC shop, opened recently in Casablanca, Dataplus plans to open several more shops to cover the whole country before 2014, to sell IT, AV and small appliances.

Equipped with Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system’s most recent Google created especially for tablets, the tablet RMC has all the features that are required for office work and Internet connection, similar to the applications available in the famous American and Asian brands.

The tablet has a wide selection of pre-installed applications and utilities including Google Maps, Google Talk, Gmail and Google Calendar. With the flexible configuration of the Olipad, it is possible to download a large number of applications available on Android Market.

“With the affordable price of 3490 dirhams ($400), RMC tablet remains the least expensive in its category and therefore very accessible to consumers of Hi Tech,” said Mohammed Chakib Rifi, CEO of the company.

“In a month, we have sold more than 700 units on the market, without communications, or advertising. It is very reassuring “Rifi adds.

Larbi Arbaoui

Morocco World News

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