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Morocco Islamist cleared of ‘threats’ against Egypt envoy

Source : | 27 February 2014 |  World | 576 views


RABAT – A member of Morocco’s ruling Islamist party was cleared on Thursday of accusations by the Egyptian ambassador that she threatened him during a telephone call denouncing president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster.

Khadija Mansour, 25, was arrested after she rang the embassy in Rabat in December to protest that the Egyptian authorities had no legitimacy following the army’s overthrow of the country’s first freely elected president in July, her lawyer Toufik Moussaif said.

She urged the ambassador to leave Morocco, and he filed a lawsuit accusing her of “threats.”

“The judge decided she was innocent… that there was no evidence of a threat to the Egyptian ambassador,” Moussaif told AFP.

Morocco’s Islamist Party of Justice and Development (PJD) has headed a coalition government since triumphing in a November 2011 general election that King Mohammed VI called in the wake of Arab Spring-inspired protests.

The party’s leaders, including Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, have not commented publicly on the Egyptian army’s ouster of Morsi following street protests against his turbulent single year in power.

But in August, PJD members took part in a pro-Morsi rally in Rabat that was called by Morocco’s banned but tolerated Islamist opposition movement Adl Wal-Ihsan.



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