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Morocco among top 15 countries in the protection of the environment

Source : | 29 January 2014 |  Headlines | 271 views


Taroudant, Morocco - The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), placed Morocco at a very advanced world class ranking in terms of environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

According to the report published on January 27th, 2014, Morocco is ranked “within the “good” rating category” coming at the 15th position in the world and the 1st place in Africa and the Arab world.

In comparison to last year’s ranking, Morocco has improved five places and is now in 15th position within the “good” performing countries.

Morocco’s expansions of renewable energies, as well as its very low emissions level were determining factors that grant the kingdom this advanced position on a global scale.

Regarding climate policies, Morocco is increasingly becoming a pioneer and “role model for its neighbors” and “a leader within the Arab Group”.

“What is remarkable is that Morocco aims to lead socioeconomic development towards a green economy and has installed all manner of initiatives and programs in this regard such as, for example, the national solar plan or the national action plan against global warming,” said Wendel Trio, Director of CAN-Europe and President Klaus Milke Germanwatch, the coauthors of this international report.

Once again, the first three ranks of the CCPI remain open in this year’s edition because no single country is yet on track to prevent dangerous climate change.



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