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Former Minister Khliad Alioua, Sent to Prison for Misappropriation of Public Funds

Source : | 2 July 2012 |  News, Politics | 731 views

Morocco World News

Casablanca, June 30, 2012

Khalid Alouia, former head of Credit Immobilier and Hotelier known by its French acronym as CIH (Real Estate and Hotels Loans), is spending his second night in prison after he was transferred to Oukasha prison, in Casablanca, on Friday night. In early March the case of the former Minister of Employment under Abderrahman Youssfi’s government (1998-2002) was investigated by the court of Casablanca on the grounds of several corruption matters.

According to sources contacted by MWN, Khalid Alioua did not expect to be transferred to jail. He believed until the last minute that he was innocent. The administration of Okacha prison moved to prevent the former Minister from having a cell phone.

Alioua was jailed along with his cousin, Larbi Alioua and his nephew, Soufiane Alioua and Mohamed Zizi, also accused of being implicated in his scandal.

In 2007, Judges of the Supreme Court of Accounts issued a report incriminating Alouia of a number of violations with regard to mismanagement of capital, corrupt use of the benefits of the loans he was in charge of, and unfair exploitation and monopoly of several governmental units. As a consequence of these practices, the loan market was negatively affected, as it did not encourage competition and that many billions have been squandered.

He was since mid-March under arrest and prevented from leaving the country. Khalid Alouia is the third high ranking executive to be prosecuted after Abdelhanine Ben Alou, former director of National Office of Airports and Mohamad El Ferraa, former director of the National Union of civil servants.

During Alouia’s presidency, it has been found that there were many unjustified investments in hotel units, as well as the large illegal amounts of money reserved to reconstructing some hotels. Alouia and his family have also been discovered to have been granted many illicit services and benefits, and so have many other senior officials at the same institution.

Alouia was on the defensive when he was inquired about his two apartments in Casablanca, as he claimed that he bought them with his own money. The first apartment is 112 square meters and the second one, 282. Alouia responded to all the accusations leveled at him by saying that he legally gained his properties during his presidency.

Therefore, he added that he didn’t violate any laws despite the fact that the board denied his sale. During the trial, he rejected all the alleged violations the inspectors have accused him of.

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