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IOC to elect new president next week

Source : | 5 September 2013 |  Sports | 7768 views


ANKARA - The International Olympic Commitee (IOC) will elect its new president next week to succeed Jacques Rogge

The International Olympic Commitee (IOC) will elect its new president next week to succeed Jacques Rogge, who steps down after 12 years as head of the International Olympic Committee.

 The election will be held on the final day of the IOC meetings on Sept. 10 in Buenos Aires when six candidates to vie for the post.

The candidates are Ukranian pole vault legend Sergey Bubka, IOC vice presidents Thomas Bach of Germany and Ng Ser Miang of Singapore, Popular Inc. President Richard Carrión, who has also served as chairman of the Finance Commission of the International Olympic Committee, C.K. Wu of Taiwan, head of the international amateur boxing association and Denis Oswald, head of the International Rowing Federation.

The youngest candidate is Ukranian pole vault Sergey Bubka. IOC Vice President Thomas Bach of Germany is seen as the clear frontrunner for the job with Puerto Rico’s Richard Carrion and Singapore’s Ser Miang Ng as the other two main contenders.

The elected president will serve for 8 years and the term of office can be extended once for 4 additional years.

The length of the President’s term of office is now fixed at eight years, renewable once for four years despite having previously been limitless.

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