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Morocco Summit to Discuss Investment Opportunities in North Africa

Source : | 3 September 2013 |  Economy | 4909 views


Loubna Flah

Loubna FLAH is a Moroccan national. She earned a “Maitrise” degree in Biochemistry from the Mohammedia Faculty of Science and Technologies (FSTM). She obtained also a bachelor degree in English Studies from Ain Chok Faculty of Letters and Humanities after …

Casablanca - The Moroccan capital Rabat, will host one of the most notable economic forums in the African continent.

Morocco Summit convenes government officials, business leaders and policy makers from industries such as solar & wind energy, power & desalination, tourism, agriculture, logistics, ICT, retail, automotive, offshoring & more. The Summit will be held on 19-21 November in Rabat.

The summit organizers opted for Morocco owing to its strategic importance in the MENA region. Indeed, Morocco is an emerging market at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. With a fast and efficient customs service and 16 regional investment centers, Morocco is the new investment hub in North Africa.

Speaking about the potential of Human resources in Morocco and the MENA region, Morocco Summit Production Manager, Danish Shaikh said: “We are pleased that Mrs. Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani, the Founder Chairman of the Arab International Women’s Forum will be discussing and sharing strategies on how to empower women as future business leaders”

Mrs. Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani, Founder and Chairman of the Arab International Women’s forum asserts “The number of women choosing entrepreneurship over traditional employment speaks volumes about the improved and more equitable climate for women in business in the region.”

She adds “Although every MENA country faces uncertainty in the years ahead, there are unprecedented opportunities for women to claim a critical role in shaping the frameworks that will set legal, political, and social precedents for the decades to come”.

Echoing Mrs. Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani’s statement, Leila Hanafi, Morocco Summit Strategic Partner’s ARPA International, President & Chief Counsel said:  “Women constitute a source of knowledge and innovation and  in today’s global marketplace, women entrepreneurs are a vital  economic force that ought to be harnessed to advance economic development. Our Summit presents an opportune platform to discern strategies on women’s entrepreneurship.”

The summit is organized by Fleming Gulf along with ARPA International HYPERLINK in concerted collaboration with Moroccan partners. The Summit promises to set a platform for Industry and Legal experts, Government representatives and international investors to explore investment opportunities through cross vertical discussions.

Morocco Summit will identify the different strategies susceptible to empower Women as future business leaders and the mechanisms needed to support Entrepreneurs and to promote Small Businesses.

Other issues will be discussed by the panelists, including regional investment policies especially for emergent economies. Morocco will be also in the limelight with different panel discussions on investment opportunities and investments incentives offered by the Moroccan kingdom.

The Summit, the first of its kind in Morocco, recognizes the centrality of enabling women to be active economic actors and to forge new pathways of participation in the development of their own countries.

The Summit will offer also an unprecedented opportunity to understand the dynamics, and requirements of investing or doing business in the country. Participants will have an outlook on how to break the legal constraints to facilitate investments in Morocco and to increase understanding of the regulatory framework in the country and its investment infrastructure, both from legal and academic angles.

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