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6th forum of Moroccan professionals in North America to be held in October in Montreal

Source : | 3 September 2013 |  Economy | 362 views



Casablanca – The sixth forum of Moroccan competences in north America dubbed “Careers in Morocco” will be held on October 26 in Dar Al Maghrib in Montreal.    

Over 2000 Moroccan competences are expected to attend the event in addition to Moroccan companies involved in different sectors, organizers said.

The program includes conferences and debates on economic news, public sector opportunities and career opportunities in Morocco, with testimonies by candidates who have been recruited during previous editions, the source said.

The event is an ideal occasion for Moroccan graduates and professionals living abroad and looking for job opportunities in Morocco.

Since its creation, the forum has attracted over 50 Moroccan businesses mainly OCP group, ONA/SNI and Crédit Agricole.

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