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Moroccan Entrepreneurs Predict a Decline in Industrial Output: Bank al Maghrib

Source : | 27 August 2013 |  Economy | 545 views



Bank Al Maghrib published the findings of its latest survey which appraises the performance of the national industry based on the feedback and predictions of Moroccan entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

The survey revealed that 50% of entrepreneurs consider that the industrial activity declined considerably in July after a positive performance in June 2013.

Similarly, 57% of Moroccan entrepreneurs consider that the industrial output is prone to a further decline since the production capacity dropped from 72% in June to 69% in July.

The industrialists sampled by Bank al Maghrib predicted also a steady decline of industrial output for the forthcoming months.

The sectors that are most likely to be affected by this decrease are chemical, as well as mechanical and the metallic industries. On the other hand, the production capacity of electric, electronic industry and leather industry and textiles is expected to rise.

Concerning the volume of industrial sales, 44% of industrialists consider that the volume of sales increased by 54%, whereas 37 % consider that it has decreased by 29% in June.

The survey revealed also that the volume of market demands will remain relatively steady as predicted by 45% professionals working in the industry sector whereas 36% predicted that the market demands will decrease by 36%.

For the forthcoming three months, 53% entrepreneurs forecast the stagnation   of the industrial output whereas 28% predicted a noticeable decrease in the industrial production.

The Industry professionals interviewed predicted also a decline in the production of food industry, chemical industry and pseudo chemical industry for the three forthcoming months compared to a slight improvement in the performance of the electric and electronic industry.

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