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CAF Re-Appoints Morocco’s Fouzi Lekjaa As Finance Committee Chairman

Rabat – On Tuesday, March 30,  the Confederation of African Football (CAF) reappointed Fouzi Lekjaa, President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) as chairman of its Finance Committee.CAF’s reappointment of Lekjaa comes after a virtual meeting of the CAF ... More

2 April 2021 | News | No comment

Morocco Hands 30-Year Sentence to Imam for Sexual Assault of Minors

Rabat – The Court of Appeal of Tangier, Morocco sentenced an imam on Thursday to 30 years in jail for sexual assault of minors.The judiciary had accused the man not only of sexual assault but also ofviolence.The court reached the ... More

2 April 2021 | News | No comment

Algeria: Hirak Marks 111th Protest Friday Day Amid Global Indifference

Rabat – Algeria’s Hirak protests today mark the 111th protest Friday, yet international media have roundly ignored this important movement.Authors normally salivate for stories about large-scale protests demanding democracy, a free press, and a disavowal of military rule. Yet in ... More

2 April 2021 | World | No comment

Automotive: CAC Becomes Morocco’s Official SEAT Importer, Distributor

Rabat – Centrale Automobile Cherifienne (CAC), the importer and distributor of the Volkswagen Group automobiles in Morocco, has secured exclusive import rights for Seat vehicles.According to local media, the new deal came into effect on April 1. On top of ... More

2 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

Lions Club, Experts Set Sights on Ending Child Marriage in Morocco

Rabat –Lions Club International(LCI) – District 416 Morocco hosted on April 1 a symposium addressing the issue of child marriage.Experts and researchers from different fields including economists and sociologists, legal and health professionals, along with civil society actors, shared their ... More

2 April 2021 | News | No comment

Cheese Giant Bel Maroc Ramps Up Production Before Ramadan

Rabat – FromagerieBel Marochosted a media open house on Thursday at its Tangier factory to show how the company is preparing for the increased demand in production ahead ofRamadan. Food producers throughout the country often ramp up efforts to meet ... More

2 April 2021 | News | No comment

Oujda Terrorists Plotted to Ignite War Between Morocco, Algeria

Rabat – The recently dismantled terrorist cell in Oujda, northeast Morocco, had plans to conduct terror attacks on the parliament, churches, and nightclubs. Terrorists also planned attacks on Algerian soldiers at the borders with the aim of igniting a war ... More

2 April 2021 | News | No comment

Algeria: Social Media Propels “Moroccans Are Not My Enemy” Campaign

Rabat – A social media campaign in Algeria has sparked an online explosion of messages of respect and mutual understanding between Morocco and Algeria. Citizens of the two countries, amid a geopolitical stand-off expressed their mutual respect and admiration online.[youtube ... More

2 April 2021 | World | No comment

Morocco Signs Decentralized Cooperation Framework Agreement with France

Rabat – During a virtual meeting on Thursday, the president of France’s New Aquitaine Alain Rousset and the president of the Council of Morocco’s Souss-Massa region Brahim Hafidi, signed a 2021-2023 decentralized cooperation framework. Also attending the meeting was Morocco’s ... More

2 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

ADF Grants €1.5 Million to Develop Social, Solidarity Economy in Morocco

Rabat – The French Development Agency (AFD) has agreed to provide a €1.5 million (MAD 16 million) grant to the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy, to help reinforce the social and solidarity economy (SSE) framework ... More

2 April 2021 | Economy | No comment

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