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World Sacred Music Festival Pays Homage To Persian Scholar

Source : | 12 June 2012 |  Arts & Culture, News | 1801 views Malaysia

World Sacred Music Festival Pays Homage To Persian Scholar

TEHRAN, June 11 (Bernama) — The 18th Annual World Sacred Music Festival opened in Fez, Morocco on June 8, with a special tribute to Persian poet and mathematician, Omar Khayyam (1048-1131), Iran’s Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported.

Omar Khayyam was one of the most prominent scholars of the medieval times, with remarkable contributions in the fields of mathematics and astronomy.His worldwide fame today mainly comes from a number of quatrains attributed to him that tends to overshadow his brilliant scientific achievements.The grand ceremony was opened with a musical directed by French director Tony Gatlif, who is well known for directing musicals and making films that capture the essence and emotion of Oriental music.With the theme of “Re-Chanting the World”, this edition of the festival helps introduce artists and musicians from different parts of the world.Ensembles from countries like Iran, US, Egypt, Lebanon, Romania, Cuba and France are attending the festival, which will run until June 16.

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