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French President hails Morocco’s democratic reform

f Hollande, King Mohammed VI hold talks on ways of bolstering bilateral ties between two countries. PARIS - French President, François Hollande, reaffirmed on Thursday his attachment to the special friendship between Morocco and France and praised the democratic reform process ... More

26 May 2012 | News, Politics | Comments Off

Legendary Singer Warda al-Jazairia Dead at Age 73

s Legendary Algerian singer Warda al-Jazairia passed away on Thursday at the age of 73 after suffering a heart attack at her residence in the Egyptian capital Cairo. The French-born singer, commonly referred to as just Warda, was well known for ... More

18 May 2012 | News, World | Comments Off

White doves, roses: Morocco marks Marrakech bombing anniversary

s   MARRAKECH (Morocco) - Relatives and friends of the 17 people killed in a Marrakech cafe bombing a year ago on Saturday marked the first anniversary of their death by releasing a white dove in memory of each of them. ... More

30 April 2012 | News, Politics | Comments Off

Any hope to change article 475 in Morocco?

d Weight of tradition, inertia of justice system can make change of Moroccan rape victim marriage law slow. RABAT - The suicide of a Moroccan teen who was forced to marry her rapist has sparked outraged calls for reform, but the ... More

23 April 2012 | News, Politics | Comments Off

Morocco sex toys seller sentenced to 8 months in jail

g Court also fines accused 10,000 dirhams for importing, holding, exhibiting licentious products, publication of prints, photos that are against morals, public decencies. RABAT - A seller of sex toys has been sentenced to eight months in prison and fined 10,000 ... More

17 April 2012 | News, Politics | Comments Off

Morocco’s trade deficit soars by 27,6% in February

d   By Saad Guerraoui – CASABLANCA, Morocco Morocco's trade deficit dramatically widened in February 2012 mainly due to the soaring costs of energy and wheat imports, according to Morocco's central bank’s latest report. The North African kingdom’s trade balance showed ... More

30 March 2012 | Economy, News | Comments Off

EU opens up more to Morocco agriculture, fisheries

_50690_spanish-farmers European Parliament gives consent to liberalise EU-Morocco trade in agricultural, fisheries products despite French rapporteur’s hostile campaign.   The European Parliament adopted on Thursday the agreement to liberalise Morocco-EU trade in agricultural and fisheries products. The members of the European ... More

16 February 2012 | Economy, News, Politics, World | No comment

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